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Warren and OllieHello, I’m Warren – owner/operator of Doggy H2O (the new face of Paws With Passion) and that cheeky fluffy faced pooch in my arms is Ollie! He is just one of our four fur babies (the spirited one!), Daisy, Archibald and Lucy.

It’s my pleasure to have the opportunity to continue to offer high quality dog grooming in Newcastle. When Suzanne, (previous owner of Paws With Passion) wanted to retire from grooming I was excited about the prospect of continuing the Paws With Passion dream of providing grooming and canine care with love. As groomers this is our united vision and I look forward to being able to deliver mobile dog grooming in Newcastle with skill and passion for years to come.

My grooming goal is to become the best groomer I can be with a focus on attention to detail as well as creating a positive environment that your dog will look forward to entering. I am always advancing my groomer education after my training at the Victorian College of Dog Grooming. My aim is to continue to improve my services and knowledge by continued education and experience in order to deliver the best for you and your dog.

Introducing Doggy H2O

WarrenWithDogInTrailer2The idea of Doggy H20 came about as a new and meaningful business adventure for our dog loving family, through my father-in-law’s own business in Mooloolabah.  My 16 year old daughter was the mastermind behind the name Doggy H2O.  I saw the need for more mobile dog washing and grooming services in the Newcastle area and I am happy to provide a service that keeps dogs clean, healthy, happy and feeling their best.

I attended the VCDG Victorian College of Dog Grooming and had private tuition where I learned how to deliver professional dog washing and grooming in a safe and clean environment.  I also gained some great tips of the trade from my father in Law a veteran of his dog washing business for the past 20 years.

My goal is to keep your dog looking and smelling great as well as feeling healthy and happy!

Regular grooming is an absolutely ESSENTIAL part of this. Matting, fleas, itching and overgrown nails are just some of the issues that are all preventable but can lead to more serious issues. Your best friend can’t always tell you if they are feeling discomfort but it was a strong desire to provide a service that kept dogs healthy, happy and feeling their best that inspired me to pursue the deeply rewarding experience of grooming dogs. It’s not just about how your dog looks…its about how your dog feels and keeping the one you love at their best.

Doggy H2O aims to keep your dog looking and smelling great with your pet’s health and comfort in mind. When trusting your best friend to a groomer you should feel confident that they will treat your pet as you would, that they will do everything possible to keep your pet safe and that they have invested in their training so they have the knowledge and experience to handle any situation that should arise.

My Mission: To see your pet return to your arms with its tail wagging, clean and smelling fantastic and wondering when the Doggy H2O trailer will be returning to their home!



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