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We want your dog to get the best from its grooming experience, so please read our policies before making an appointment:


  • 48 HOURS NOTICE must be given for all cancellations. The preferred notice period is 5-7 days before your groom when I send you the reminder text. This is the time to check your calendar and what is planned for the week ahead when it comes to work, kids sporting events etc. Veterinary emergencies and human medical emergencies are obviously understandable events that can’t be helped but checking your schedule and keeping your appointment is essential to keeping Paws With Passion viable and available for the future. Even in winter I have often had to turn away many others who wanted appointments in order to keep yours and it is only fair to others to check your schedule and give at least 48 hours notice so there is enough notice to contact someone on the reserve list and offer your appointment time to them. I really appreciate your cooperation with this and so do others who missed out on an appointment time.
  • You can call 0499 555 934 or SMS to this number. You can also send us an email to warrenvout2@gmail.com.


No Shows:

  • If you make an appointment, we come to your home and find no-one home and no instructions left to access the grooming fee, power, water your dog etc., this is a no-show.

As you can imagine this is an issue for 2 reasons:

  1. By agreeing to come to your appointment we have usually had to turn someone else down.
  2. The fuel cost of towing the trailer is considerably more than running the average car around town and it is simply not possible to run Paws With Passion in this way.

We understand that family emergencies do come up and occasionally miscommunications do happen so we may reschedule your appointment for you once if a no show does occur for a valid reason. You may also be asked to make payment in advance via direct bank deposit in order to be offered an appointment in future (no refunds if again no-one is home and the funds must be cleared in the account 7 days before the new grooming date otherwise the appointment time will be allocated to another customer). If this does happen on a regular basis out of respect for our other clients who do the right thing, we will need to ask you to find another groomer.

Please note: If you are not going to be home and you pre-arrange access to your pet and the grooming fee this can be accommodated. Just let me know when you make your appointment or send me an sms message to 0403 001154.


  • If you make an appointment, we come to your address and you tell us you don’t want to go ahead with the appointment for any reason (without contacting me at least 30 minutes prior to the appointment via phone, sms or email which gives me enough time to save driving to your location) you will still be charged the full grooming fee for the service that was booked as Paws with Passion has fulfilled its end of the bargain by holding the appointment in the book for you and arriving to complete the service as arranged.



If your dog has a known history of being aggressive (growling or biting groomers or equipment) then this is something I NEED TO KNOW when I speak to you on the phone about a booking. There are many forms of aggression that can be managed (eg. use the scissors on a particular leg instead of the clippers) however there are a minority of dogs with a high level of aggression and we need to discuss the extent of the aggression and how it could be managed. I have basket-style muzzles on board but mostly these have the effect of calming an aggressive dog (in some cases) or they are there to protect dogs who have a habit of licking the clipper or scissor blades at all the wrong times! A highly aggressive dog will find its way out of any muzzle in a relatively short time so these are not truly protective devices to deal with such a situation. In these cases it may be less stressful for both the dog and the groomer to be taken to a salon where there are multiple trained groomers to help or in extreme cases to a veterinarian for sedation before grooming. I work alone with your dog after hours so while lots of behavioural issues can be managed, on the whole your dog needs to be relatively compliant due to the nature of the service offered. If your dog is aggressive I may ask you to come into the mobile salon and assist with holding your dog or simply being there as a beloved face to have a calming effect.



Please try to toilet your dog before we arrive. We really appreciate it. Especially after we have your dog nice and clean, fresh from a relaxing hydrobath …. the last thing anyone wants is a nice clean paw in an accidental poop!


Your Pet’s Health:

Existing skin conditions can be exposed during the grooming process, especially during de-matting. Matts cause the skin to not be able to breathe and bacteria grows. Matts are also the perfect home for fleas.

Sharp scissors, clippers, and a pet jumping around can cause injury to your pet. There is always a rare chance of cutting your dog’s skin and with de-matting there is a higher chance.

Please be aware of this.

Dogs are truly our passion and we do everything in our power to avoid this happening but there is always a chance.

All costs associated with veterinary attention are your responsibility.

Paws With Passion is fully insured but we are not liable if it is due to your pet’s skin, matting, moving or aggression.





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